Online websites security and its impact on the money transfers market

In the past, before the era of Internet and fast communication, when the banks and various authorities had total control of all banking services, it was impossible to do anything without the banks. Subsequently a cartel of banks was formed. It manifested in very high commissions for all services provided, starting from any ordinary transaction any person performs in the account to international payments that any person wants to make between accounts worldwide.
This situation continues to date despite the increasing competition in some of the services that previously were the managed exclusively by the banks.

Following the tremendous technological development that occurred in recent decades concerning computing as well as the Internet in general and satellite communication and optic fibers in particular, a simple option was created, an option that is convenient, easy and enables performing many actions that were impossible in the past due to the luck of technological means without these measures.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing fields in past years. Websites such as Ebay and Alibaba became the largest retail companies worldwide. In addition there has been much development in the global international payments field and an increasing number of companies are participating in this field. The huge advantage these companies have over the banks is that they offer significantly lower commission fees as well as time not wasted waiting in line. Their advantage is enabled by using the Internet to perform all actions.

Along with the increasing development in online trading and online money transfers the risks of Internet use has increased.
Concerns regarding hackers in cyberspace have become substantial and widespread. These threats are divided into two main groups performing various types of crime. The first group is composed of threats by hacker groups that are of political nature and the attacks they perform are aimed against government websites or private websites that have an ideology that they oppose to. These attacks are carried out mainly by preventing service distribution (ddos), which causes slow access to the website and may prevent access, or by hacking the website and corrupting it. The second group is made of threats posed by criminal hackers and other various groups that engage in criminal activity such as theft of various data, business data, secret information, and especially credit cards details. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in websites offering e-commerce options such international payments via the Internet.
Although the above mentioned concerns of theft and fraud while performing actions via the Internet are natural and understandable, a number of efficient mechanisms for safe online usage were developed:

In order to solve the security issues and thus allow safe and efficient use of a website it is necessary to have security protocol (SSL – Secured Sockets Layer) that enables to encrypt data sent to and from the website, thereby creating a secure communication channel between two computers. SSL protocol is based on the A – symmetric method, containing two keys. This enables the encrypted message to be decrypted only by the second party and vice versa. This is called public key encryption – private key.
In addition, the protocol verifies that the server to which you are connected is indeed the correct server and it allows to make sure that the information sent from your PC will be delivered in its entirety to the website, without error and without disruption. If the server finds that there is an error of any kind in the information transmitted, it will require automatic replay from your browser.
This enables a secure transmission of information, without any unwanted “affiliates” …
Another advantage of the SSL protocol is that any and every server that wants to use this protocol must issue an SSL certificate. There is a company issuing these certificates. This company also verifies the identity of the person or party requesting the certificate.
The usage of these certificates allows the user to transfer sensitive data to a particular server and to verify that this is indeed the destination server and not an impostor seeking to steal the sensitive data. This is performed by the browser requests identification; the server sends the browser a copy of its SSL certificate; the browser checks whether it trusts the SSL certificate and if so, it sends a message to the server; the server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgement to start an SSL encrypted session; encrypted data is shared between the browser and the server.
In addition the website must be secured by anti-virus software that will prevent uploading viruses and spy-ware to the website.
When you enter the payment page of the website, make sure that the address bar includes “https://” and that a yellow lock icon appears on the page. If this icon is on the web page the browser identifies it as a secured website.
In order to identify the encryption method, position the cursor over the lock icon and a small label that states the type of security.

Regular Savings – Essential Investors Guide

A regular savings plan is the best way for any individual to invest their cash in a way that will maximize the amount of interest paid, whilst also minimizing the amount of tax that the saver has to pay each month. Generally they are added to over a set time of 10 years, with many financial institutions providing bonuses for those that regularly add more cash to their account.

How to open a regular saving account

A regular savings account is just like any other type of investment account, in that all a person needs to do is approach any of the banks, building societies or other financial organisations that offer them.

The best possible way to decide on which type of account to open is to look at not only the interest rate paid, but to also examine the amount of bonuses the specific institution will pay to its regular investors. Nearly all of the accounts will have a tax free allowance of £25 per month, with anything over being taxed by the Government depending on your tax bracket – meaning that this issue does not need considering by the consumer.

There are no real restrictions regarding who can open a regular savings plan, although many places often have a minimum and maximum age limit, with 16-55 being the most popular. Although it is partially tax free, it also will not affect the standing of any Individual Savings Accounts or ISAs that the customer already has.

Paying money in to a regular saving account

With most regular saving plans there is a minimum amount to be invested per month, although this is usually only around £15. Although this is only a small amount, failure to pay it will have significant impacts on the amount of bonuses the account may receive. While there is a minimum, there is no maximum amount that can be paid in per month, although only the first £25 will be tax free.

The advantages of a regular saving account

The main advantage of this type of savings and investments is that there is a guaranteed lump sum payable at the time at which the account matures, which is set when the account is created. This provides the insurance that should the institution invest the money poorly, it will not be lost – meaning that there is virtually no risk associated with this type of account.

Another advantage is when saving for children, child savings accounts can provide an excellent kick start to their adult life. If a parent starts saving just £40 per month for ten years, they can expect a minimum return of £5,220, with most actually coming in at more than that. Aside from Government sponsored schemes, there is no more effective way that a parent can save for their child.

Explore Strategies and Signals for Trading Stocks

It is fascinating occasionally to observe stock traders attempting to make a profit without the benefit of a trading strategy that is good from trading. Trying to trade the stock market with no strategy that a trader is assured in is one sure method to drop hard-earned cash. Such a trader probably will lose their resources before producing any and is like a vehicle without headlights at night.

There are numerous stock trading strategies available to UK stock traders. A number of the best stock trading techniques are truly the most straightforward. It depends on the personal stock trader to find the greatest strategy that can make him the most earnings out. It takes time and testing to figure out the best trading strategy.


An investor is trying to decrease the risk inherent in holding a special stock, when he is currently hedging. If the investor is fearful a stock could fall within a particular time, he can set up a set option to shield downward threat.

An investor has an option to purchase put options against the market or even against individual shares itself. The only problem with this scheme is that there’s a limitation to how much a dealer can make. But the yield in investing is guaranteed and the investor can plan accordingly.

There are numerous other trading strategies that a trader can use to pick value stocks that are great. With respect to the sort of stock trader you are, you’ve a choice between strategies t that is really risky

Stock Trading Signals

Looking for and finding stocks that are not unprofitable is both a science and an art. Through the use of various stock-picking methods from basic analysis to technical analysis and occasionally both, stock traders are constantly looking for the greatest and most profitable stocks to buy.

For long term investors, the need to pick on a stock that is perfect is not great. This can be because a long term investor is not thinking about the day to day moves in a stock-price but rather on strong long term principles in an inventory. For short term investors or day traders, a need is to get stocks at the best cost possible so that you can make a profit.

Professional stock traders in Great Britain have on earth to hunt and discover quality stocks that are good. Stock can spend most of the time viewing for the right opportunity in the marketplace to buy or sell stocks. Most small stock investors on the other hand might not possess the luxury of observing the marketplace. They might have day-jobs or other obligations and therefore might not have enough time or energy to take advantage of market weaknesses.

The need to try to find the best trading opportunities even for inventory traders who cannot follow the market has resulted in the influx of stock trading signals companies. The main objective of groups or such businesses will be to send stock traders telling market alerts of a stock trading opportunity that is possible them.

Stock traders who tend not to have the time or knowledge to pick stocks subscribe with the expectation of producing easy profits to stock trading sign services. Such services may use fundamental analysts’ services. Nevertheless, most of these solutions involve technical analysis.

Despite the fact that many stock trading signals companies use people to make trading decisions, a growing tendency is towards using automated stock trading systems. Using either common or proprietary technical indicators, the stock trading signals companies use automated software to generate trading opportunities. The trading signals are subsequently sent to the subscriber in the shape of a newsletter, e-mail, sms or even telephone calls. Sometimes, the trading signals are delivered in the form of trading software or membership in a website.

Stock trading signals’ company is quite lucrative. The gains that can accrue have attracted characters. Choosing an excellent stock trading signals company in Great Britain is now just as difficult as picking a stock that is good. The truth that most of these firms don’t feel inclined to explain their trading schemes keeps a potential investor in the dark.

The inventory investor is encouraged to be quite careful before following the trading ideas which are delivered. Without the knowledge of how a particular stock trading signal is arrived at, investors can easily be tricked. It’s very important before subscribing to such businesses to do proper due diligence.

So long as there are people who wish to trade in the stock exchange and there exists a lack of time and information to trade, subsequently stock trading signals companies will continue to prosper. It is important for the inventory trader to weigh the pros and cons of subscribing to such companies.

Effective Tips On How To Buy Silver Bars

In the current unpredictable market conditions, the long standing tradition of possessing gold and silver coins has again gained attraction since they are believed being a more prudent investment in the times of uncertainty. Silver is really a precious metal which is thought to be a relatively stable style of investment. Silver can be a store of value, which means it can be stored and retrieved to be used in the future. Silver bars are produced in different weights by most organisations and are generally the primary vehicle used by individuals interested in investing in silver bullion. Even if the silver standard ended in 1935, silver is yet being buy for investment purposes.

Methods to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion

The traditional technique of investing in silver has always been to buy rectangle-shaped, silver bars which are easy to store in a secure at home or in a safety deposit box at a bank. In Liechtenstein, Switzerland, silver bullion bars are offered on the market by bank teller, however, this selection is not available in the USA.

Silver Bar Sizings

There are numerous sizes of silver bars available for investment purposes. Based on how much room a purchaser has for storage and how much total weight they want to obtain, there is a wide range of sizes of silver bars to satisfy any investor’s needs.

Traders of silver bars can choose from the next sizes to fulfill their particular investment needs:

-1,000oz Troy Bars weighing about 31 kilograms and considered to be good release by exchange. -100oz Troy Bars with a weight of about 6.8 pounds are the preferred size for investment requirements. -32.15 Troy Ounce Bars weight 1Kg -10oz Troy Bars weighing three hundred eleven grams

Unusual weight retail silver bars without recognized company name label come at a lower price, but have additional risk.

Symbols on Silver Bars

Silver bars with investment class are stamped with information with regards to the weight and fineness of the silver and also name of the mint. For example, a .999 Fine Silver mark designates a silver bar with investment-quality knowing that the silver is 99.9% pure. Silver bars are created and distributed by mints across the world, nevertheless the only items that prohibit the value of silver bars are their weight and of course the purity of the silver.

Storage of Silver Bars

Given that silver bars are a compact form of investment that hold considerable worth they must be held in a safe, secure place for instance a safety deposit box at a banking institution or perhaps a brokerage firm that will offer these services for a small month-to-month fee.

Using a reduced risk deal to double your Currency trading risk capital.

A lot of Forex Speculators trade Forex wagering one or three percent of their capital to gain two to four % on profitable deals. Based on your own financial success rate, this technique of currency trading could possibly necessitate 2 to 4 hundred trades to multiply your Forex trading capital.

It is sensible to aim to double your trading balance as fast as feasible by aiming at a one hundred percent profit on one trade. Selecting a trade that will multiply your trading balance is just not much harder than being profitable with a regular trade. Is attaining this tricky? The notion of topping up a good deal is as old a trading itself. The ability of doubling your own Forex trading balance gets to be feasible when an ordinary deal has become profitable and you are able to add more lots to your first deal .

The cumulative consequence of adding to a good trade is so great that capital can be doubled in a deal no more than 80 pips. The risk on the very first trade might be as low as four to five percent. Forex traders will immediately recognize that this also means that if you are risking 4 % to make a hundred % it means that you can effectively have nineteen of these transactions wrong and only one right and still make a good return. The odds offered by the adding to a profitable deal method are much greater than typical money and financial risk management.

Another advantage is that it is feasible to move the stop to a break-even position at each top-up. All the deals become risk free after the first top up. So now there is nothing to lose and a one hundred percent generate opportunity This method is much easier than nearly all traders imagine. Lately a young investing team noted over thirty-six good double in a trade deals for a few days. Quick price movements take place frequently. The opening of huge economic markets, commercial news and major support and resistance violations provide many volatile moves. It is best to automate the computation of the stop levels, top up price levels and lot sizing. A large number of automated trading expert advisers to help you double your trading balance in one deal are now available in the online Forex currency market. One only has to do an online search to confirm this. Numerous forex brokers are adding this capability directly into their systems.

If you are a Forex trader who has an excellent trading record of having the capacity to identify trades with the actual possibility to move 60 to a hundred pips you need to be making use of this method. With odds like 20 to 1 you will soon discover that you are able to whip the market very easily. This procedure is increasing rapidly in the Forex trading market.For up to date facts and trading examples lookup using Google or Youtube for “double your forex account in one trade”.

An Introduction to Investing in Rare Coins as an Alternative Investment

Rare coins make excellent alternative investments for the youthful investor’s portfolio. Rare coins are a type of investment based on scarcity and demand in the most simple terms. Unlike investing in stocks, coins are held in their physical form and must be kept in pristine condition to maintain their high value and often times rarity. Yet, they are purported by some to out-gain most stock indexes! Rare coin investments might be perfect for you.

Investing in rare coins can be often be a fun endeavor and offer excellent diversification to your portfolio. Their main draw is that they are in demand and exceedingly more by the day. New issues cannot be minted of legendary or low mintage coins. As more and more people discover their beauty, history, and rarity, the demand will continue, thereby driving up prices.

Often rare coin investors will stick to United States Coins because they are the most liquid compared to other countries and those coins minted prior to 1965; the year after the final silver circulation strikes. Coins minted from 1965 till current are often far to common. Popular series’ are also the most often collected and invested. Lincoln cents, buffalo nickels, and Morgan dollars are timeless and as such prices reflect their demand and rarity. The best source for this information and prices is the 2012 Guide Book of United States Coins: Red Book. This is the essential guide each year and will pay for itself over and over again.

Rare coins can be bought on places such as eBay very easily, but for the beginning investor it is best to stick to coins that are professionally graded by NGC, PCGS, or ANACS grading services. These coins are authenticated and given a grade between 1-70, 70 being a coin in perfect condition. They are also encapsulated in airtight holders to protect their condition and preserve the grading company’s pedigree.

Do not be surprised to see a difference of prices in the thousands of dollars for only one number difference in the grading scale say for example 65 to 66. This is very common and the grading is extremely precise. As a new coin investor, do not get caught up in these particulars and focus on overall appeal of the coin and issue rarity.

Rare coins are an excellent type of investment because they do not require a broker or legal paperwork to buy or sell them. Another excellent benefit is that you will physically own the coin, not just a piece of paper. If you are investing in gold and silver coins this can be even more rewarding!

Be careful though because coins may not always be so liquid as stocks. Finding a buyer for a particular coin may be difficult due to demand or a change in perception of value. Holding the coin physically can also be a problem because it requires safe keeping and the risk of damage or theft.

Surprisingly $100 or less can net you a really nice looking rare coin that will likely maintain its value and gain value for years to come. All of the key dates of each popular series in all grades has outperformed the stock market each year and will continue to do so for some time. Be patient and buy on eye appeal and quality. Keep in mind demand and popularity as well so that you have a buyer in mind for the future. However, there are some excellent rare issues out there that are not popular which can be invested in for a lot less.

Due diligence – the key to every investment

Due diligence is the term commonly used for investigation of any kind. People in today’s world are extremely cautious before entering into any kind of investment whether it is stocks or assets. Investment due diligence involves performing a thorough check up on the property before investing. In case of stocks or hedge funds, the person can perform due diligence by going through the prospectus and checking on the fund manager’s background and capability. Investment due diligence when it comes to property, requires a specific check list which takes care of the authenticity of the transaction and acquisition, as in the case of industries. An effective checklist will contain the financial background of the principal, the physical condition of the property and the marketing capability of the place. If the due diligence investigation is performed properly then the buyer can avoid himself from getting into a trap.

In case of commercial properties, the commercial landlords often conduct a thorough due diligence investigation. Preparing a proper acquisition due diligence list is very important for commercial property investors. They must look for the underground and storage tanks, drinking water taste reports, radon and remediation reports, plans and survey report and also visit the site physically to track any kind of disputes between the seller and the buyer.

The Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activities are mainly dependent on the analysis of due diligence. It mainly involves financial and legal due diligence. The merger and acquisition by companies take a deep look into the financial assets, articles of incorporation, market value, technology and the competency of the company. Once a company decides to sell the property, the bank is taken into confidence to keep the M&A accounts. Then the property is given to the investment bank; thereafter, investment banking due diligence starts playing its role. The bank goes through the legal points and discusses the litigation issues before the sale.

In the case of rental residential properties, there is also an effective due diligence method. This method is commonly used by collection agencies appointed by the landlords to track the default tenants. The collection agencies use the skip trace tools to track the contacts of the faulty tenants.

So, whether it is a small or big investment, due diligence investigation plays a pivotal role in property investment. Proper investigation can result in fruitful investment and can take you a long way. Consult the masters and invest today!

Asset Alliance announces launch of investment placement specialist business

Asset Alliance Corporation, announced the launch of Hedgeharbor, an investment placement specialist business, through two wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company, Hedge Harbor Inc. and Hedge Harbor Limited. Complimenting the success of the Asset Alliance’s initial entry into this business in the Middle East through its affiliated company, Capintro Partners, Ltd., Hedgeharbor has expanded the business into the US and Europe with offices in New York and London.

As part of this effort, Bob Stearns has joined Hedgeharbor as a Senior Managing Director in New York. James Parker, Senior Managing Director of Asset Alliance International (UK) Limited, will serve as Head of International Business Development of Hedgeharbor, London. Messrs. Parker and Stearns report to Arnold Mintz, Global Head of Hedgeharbor and President of Asset Alliance.

Hedgeharbor represents a select group of managers in different asset classes and strategies, including Group G Capital Partners LLC, which specializes in high yield and distressed debt investments through various investment products. Hedgeharbor will also focus on identifying and representing specialist and niche managers

Carbon Emission Trading, The Basics Explained

The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was signed by 38 signatory countries to address the issues of greenhouse gasses and resulting climate change issues. The following article will provide an understanding about trading greenhouse gas emissions.

The Kyoto Protocol is a UN-led international agreement reached in 1997 in Kyoto Japan to address the problems of climate change and the reduction greenhouse gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol went into force on February 2005.

Signatory countries are committed to moving away from fossil fuel energy sources – oil, gas, and coal, to renewable sources of energy such as hydro, wind and solar power, and to less environmentally harmful ways of burning fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are mainly generated by burning fossil fuels. Higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming and climate change.

The Protocol commits 38 industrialized countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2008-2012 to overall levels that are 5.2 percent below 1990 levels. Targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction were established for each industrialized country. Developing countries including China and India were asked to set voluntary targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

The Canadian target for Kyoto is to reduce by 2012, greenhouse gas emissions by six percent below their 1990. The United States did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and in February 2002 introduced the Clean Skies and Global Climate Change initiatives, in which targets for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are linked directly to GDP and the size of the U.S. economy.

Trading of carbon emissions is linked to a program called Cap-and-Trade. Understanding this concept is necessary to begin effective trading. A central authority (usually a government or international body) sets a limit or cap on the amount of emissions discharged into the atmosphere. Companies that exceed the cap may be subject to fine or regulatory sanction. Therefore, those who find they cannot meet the conditions of the cap will look to buy credits from those who pollute less.

Many older established companies are forced to spend considerable sums of money modernizing plants. In many instances this takes time, usually years to achieve. In contrast to new generation technologies which are not faced with up-grading facilities to comply with 1990 emission standards. Trading emission credits is a way for low emission companies such as wind farms to sell credits to benefit higher emitting companies. Cap-and-trade programs ultimately aid in being a net benefit to the host country by enabling it to meet it’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol Agreement.

From the very beginning, this first phase of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, or EU-ETS, was intended to be a learning period to work out the kinks and entice major greenhouse gas emitters on board.

On January 1, 2005, the EU-ETS came online with the cap-and-trade program covering approximately 12,000 installations including electricity production and some heavy industry. These 27 member countries of the European Union represents roughly 45 percent of total European CO2 emissions.

Now three years later, amid a flurry of expectations and public controversy, the European Union has credible results to back up its claim of success. Recently, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) affirms that despite rather unstable beginnings, the system has been an unprecedented success. More importantly, it opens the door for skeptical countries like the United States to follow suit.

The United States would have been required to reduce its emissions 7 percent below 1990 levels had it accepted ratification of Kyoto. Instead, U.S. emissions have now risen more than 16 percent between 1990 and 2005.

The Bush administration and Republican lawmakers opposed to emission caps have been touting the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, which consists of Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The aim of the initiative, which began in 2005, is to foster cooperation on ways to improve clean energy development and lower emissions without global mandates. But since the initiative started, the United States, India, and China have come under increased domestic pressure to move toward mandatory emission controls. California is among several U.S. states that have entered into partnerships or passed laws for controlling greenhouse gas ahead of the federal government, leading to a showdown with congressional lawmakers. Major U.S. cities have also instituted a host of policies designed to cut greenhouse gases.

Without the United States entering into a binding commitment, it is feared that several developing countries which have not yet signed plus some Kyoto signatories may be unwilling to agree to additional international commitments.

Forex trading and plan of action

Business success is not a luck, it is actually a product of effective business plan and application. The theory goes same when it comes to trading foreign currencies. If you are new to Forex trading platform, then you should develop your own trading plan to make profit. In any business you require methods, goals and the report of actual condition to make success. It is your goal and methods that decide the success and if you fail, you will lose your money. Plan of action actually means some personal techniques you employ to take control over the market. In other words, you can call it as a check list to verify the proper time to open and close a trade position.

While making a Forex trading plan, you should consider all the hows, whens and whys. It should contain all your strategies, management regulations, personal expectations, tastes and preferences. For a professional Forex trader, a plan of action is really important. The main advantage of adopting such a plan is that it will help you evaluate your trading performance in a consistent, straightforward and clear manner. A very good example for this is that you cannot go to an unknown place without a route map. The route map will tell you where to stay, how to drive and several other ways to keep yourself safe. This way, your plan of action will tell you when to open and close a position, when to exit and how to manage your account.

Actually, the role of a successful trading plan is to take you to the next level of business. A professional plan of action will certainly help you take proper decision when doing your business. Another matter of consideration here is the emotional status of the trader. When experts say a professional plan, this also means that a plan that can overcome the emotions of a trader. There are several reports that traders lose their money just because they cannot control their feeling and emotions. In business there is no feelings and no emotions, just money and profits. Some professionals suggest that certain type of traders require automated forex trading system to intelligently overcome the emotional pressure.

One can adopt several types of action plan for Forex trading. For instance, if you are a trader, you could consider doing trading with a short positive affirmation. This kind of plan should include your objectives; that is, short-term and long-term, explaining about the management of forex account, when to enter and exit a trade and so many other practical things to get a positive affirmation. At the same, a plan will never guarantee your success. Only a practical plan will work and that is what you have to discover. In this way, we can say that Forex trading is not for everyone. Business success in the field of Forex trading requires hard work and patience. You cannot become rich within a couple of weeks. Learn more about practical forex plan of actions and consider applying them when you go live with trading.